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Every book has a destiny …..

Welcome! You have found your way to The Holmes Agency, a literary arts management agency offering representation and publishing consulting services for nonfiction authors.

As the founder of The Holmes Agency, and a seasoned nonfiction literary agent and book publishing consultant, I’m excited you’ve heard about my work, and want to learn more about how I might be able to help you.

While book publishing has rarely been a straightforward process, it can be even more confusing today, given how rapidly the industry is changing. Significant developments such as electronic publishing, emerging technologies, and the recent restructuring of major publishing companies, are all contributing to a vastly different landscape in book publishing. In many ways, we are entering a new world and a new paradigm — for authors, agents, publishers, and readers.

It’s an exciting time. New opportunities for authors are emerging nearly every day. And yet, identifying these opportunities, and figuring out how to make the most of them, can be a truly daunting prospect.

But take heart: you can make it through this maze.

My experience has shown that every book has a distinct path, one that unfolds in its own unique way. Each book embodies a certain magic that the world needs—and our work together is to bring that magic forth.

Every book has a destiny. Let’s discover yours.