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Kristina Holmes


Kristina Holmes is the founder and president of The Holmes Agency, a literary arts management agency specializing in practical and literary nonfiction. She is a literary agent, publishing consultant, editor, and artist.

After six years with my previous agency, I launched The Holmes Agency in January 2012. I represent a wide variety of authors across the U.S., including best-selling authors, journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, consultants, environmentalists, health experts, therapists, and spiritual teachers, on a range of topics.

I work with a broad range of commercial nonfiction across several genres, including health, business, humor, gift, relationships, sex, spirituality and more. With a focus on inspiration, education, and activism, I gravitate towards subjects I’m passionate about, and that I feel add something important to existing literature.

While their backgrounds are diverse, all of my authors are esteemed, leading-edge writers who are motivated, in some way, to help others. By investing in authors whose ethics, vision, and integrity directly inform their work, and who are making a real difference in readers’ lives, I help bring books into the world that heal, empower, and enlighten.

As a literary agent, I’m focused on developing long term relationships, and creating vibrant and prosperous literary careers over time. I play several roles with my clients: I shape and guide book concepts and proposals; pitch and place books with major book publishers — negotiating, coaching, strategizing, and mediating along the way; help authors develop their book promotion and platform building strategies; serve as their mentor in all publishing matters; and work in a number of other ways on their behalf. It is a gift to be able to work in the nexus between authors, publishers, readers, and the world.

Beyond representation, I also serve as a publishing consultant to nonfiction authors. That can involve concept development, book proposal review and editing, publishing strategy, editorial assistance, platform development, website and blog consultations, and/or book publishing contract review (for more information, click here). In this capacity, I work primarily in the realms of clarifying, honing, strategizing, advising, and encouraging (perhaps my favorite domain!).

An entrepreneur at heart, I enjoy helping authors figure out how to grow their platform; develop a strong online presence with a compelling mission, focus, and voice; and identify the most effective ways to market and promote their book. At the same time, I love reading and know that a book must be well written if it’s going to have real impact. Therefore, I emphasize strong writing and editing.

While many things are changing in book publishing, I know unequivocally that books matter. Whether they’re tangible or digital, hardbound or paperback, books can instigate change. They have the power to touch & transform individuals, communities,  businesses, and economies. They define our cultural vocabulary. They move and inspire our lives. They make us feelAnd they teach us to believe.