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Submission Guidelines


Please note: I am not currently accepting new clients. 

The Holmes Agency represents a wide range of nonfiction books, specializing in the genres of health and wellness, spirituality, psychology, relationships, sex, science, nature, environmental issues, business, women’s issues, literary nonfiction, memoir, cookbooks and gift books.


I’m looking for books that:

-      Are compelling, original, and intelligent

-      Are focused on inspiring, educating, and guiding readers

-      Are well-written, thoroughly edited, and have a distinct and appealing voice

-      Share an innovative program or process around physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, professional and/or financial health

-      Spark readers’ imagination and creativity

-      Offer original research, advice, and proprietary tools

-      Are written by leaders in their respective fields

-      Have significant commercial potential


To submit your book for consideration, please email your query and full book proposal to submissions@holmesliterary.com . (Please note that I do not represent fiction of any kind, true crime, poetry, or children’s books.)

In your query, please briefly describe your book (content, vision, purpose, and audience), as well as a bit about your background as an author (including notable platform highlights such as national media, a popular blog or website, speaking career, etc).


Book proposals must include the following sections:

Overview: Your book’s purpose, vision, and content; what makes it particularly notable or distinct; who will buy the book and why; and a  brief description of your background.

Audience: An in-depth explanation of who will read your book and why. Make sure you are clear about your book’s audience(s) so that your it speaks and appeals strongly to them. There may be several sub-audiences for your book.

Author Biography: Your professional and educational background; brief platform highlights; addressing the question convincingly: why are you the person to write this book?

Platform: A thorough discussion of your established audience for the book and the various avenues through which people know you and your work. This section might include information on your speaking career, media appearances, a popular blog and/or website, and social media.

Promotion: Can be combined with the platform section. If included separately, please indicate how you intend to promote your book, emphasizing strategies that you will employ based on your current platform (i.e. “will do’s” over “can do’s”).

Comparative/Competitive Books: A review of the most comparable or competitive books. While it’s easy to “go through the motions” in this section, make sure to take your time — this section can be a great way to further define and distinguish your book.  Have a clear idea of what’s already been published in your genre so that you can articulate your book’s distinction. Focus not just on the blatant bestsellers, but on titles that share meaningful similarities with yours. Consider what made them successful (and where they fell short), and how your book brings a new (or new aspect of the) conversation to life.

Table of Contents for the book

Chapter Outlines: A brief paragraph summarizing the content and purpose of each chapter.

Sample Chapter (or two)


Submissions are by email only.